There are several remarkable ways you can transport your kayak to your truck. Even if your vehicle has a camper shell or does not, knowing how to transport your kayak is vital for a remarkable experience with family and friends.

The top ways to transport your kayak in a truck include using the truck bed, your roof rack system, the kayak truck rack, the truck bed extender, and the truck utility rack.

All these ways will quickly help you transport your kayak from home to your river or lake of choice. Here is what you should know about these incredible ways to transport your kayak.

Transporting the Kayak in a Truck Bed

You can easily transport your kayak in your truck bed. All you do is place the kayak on the bed and tie it using some ropes or straps. It is the most popular way to carry your kayak to the destination. Many kayakers love this method since it is a convenient, quick, and simple solution.

However, that is not just it. For this method to work effectively, you must have a durable rubber mat, a bed liner, and foam blocks. You will also need cable locks – security features that keep thieves away from your kayak.

Loop the locks over the anchor point, and kayak handles to secure the kayak. The locks will also prevent the kayaks from being blown away while driving down the highway.


  • With this method, your truck does not require any aftermarket upgrades. You will also need no equipment besides the locks to secure the kayak.
  • It is a straightforward method for shorter drives.
  • The method is an affordable solution, especially if you are working on a budget.


  • It would help if you got lockable straps or cable locks to secure your kayak. Failing to secure the kayak with these straps could attract thieves.

Kayak Truck Rack

The other brilliant method to transport the kayak is using the kayak truck rack. It is a unique rack that fits onto the bed of your car.

The frame is specifically designed to rest kayaks with either one or two paddles. Most models are made of aluminum and can resist corrosion.

When you arrive at your destination, follow the reverse process to remove the kayak from the truck bed rack. The process is simple: push the kayak into the openings on top of the rack, lock it, and then tie it to the truck’s bed liner with bungee straps or rope. Take note that this process works best for trucks with a boxed bed.

This mechanism will make it easy for you to slide in and out of tight parking areas while exploring a lake or river. The most beneficial aspect of this product is that you can use it in storage or transport.


The product has an adjustable feature, making it possible for users of different heights or body types to use it comfortably.

  • The racks have a rigid frame which provides strength and durability.
  • These racks have an extra-long design that provides passage for long kayaks.


  • This mechanism requires permanent mounting on your vehicle, making them less portable.
  • It can be pricey compared to other transportation methods.

Kayak Roof Rack System

You can also transport your kayak via the roof rack system. There are many types, styles, and sizes of roof racks; therefore, find the one that best meets your need.

For example, SUVs and minivans have a lot of space on their roofs to accommodate extra accessories such as kayak roof racks.

Ensure you follow the instructions included in the manual while mounting the roof rack. Also, remember to select a roof rack system that will suit your kayak size and design. It must also be sturdy enough to accommodate your kayak weight.

After choosing the right system, tie down or strap it to the racks using ropes or bungee straps- preferably four boards or more for added stability. Remember that even after you tie down the kayak securely, always drive cautiously at all times.


This method is affordable and more accessible than others for transporting your kayak.

  • It provides easy access to cargo.


  • Carrying a large, heavy kayak on the roof rack could impact fuel economy.
  • The method is not viable for a single-cabin pickup truck.

Truck Bed Extender

It is another brilliant way to transport your kayak. The truck bed extender is a platform mounted on the truck’s bed.

The platform is designed to hold kayaks and canoes and can also be used to transport cargo in your car. The platform fits on the bed of the pickup truck giving it extra length and stowing space.

Always make sure the bed extender supports over 70% of the weight of your kayak to make transportation easy.

How the Bed Extender Works

The bed extender is fitted with a hitch that you connect to your truck. The bed extender is then installed horizontally on the bed.

You slide it onto the car and secure it securely with its adjustable mounting plate. The platform has three tie-downs that secure the kayak in place.


  • It is a safe and easy way to transport kayaks
  • Offers extra storage space for cargo
  • Setup is quite simple
  • Cheap solution if you have a short truck bed
  • No permanent installation or modifications


  • Removing the vehicle from the trailer may prove tricky to some users
  • Some models do not provide adequate space for stowing the kayak
  • Not for cars with a swing jeep
  • In case of a rear-end accident, your kayak will take the hit

Wrapping Up

Transporting your kayak should be easy and convenient for any kayaker. The most important thing is to consider your vehicle type and kayak design. To some kayakers, going the roof rack way is ideal, while others prefer having an extender.

Whichever way you choose to transport the kayak, make sure it is cheap, convenient, and safe to do. You could first look up all the options available and then find the perfect method.